Monday, November 19, 2012

A Few Odds and Ends

The weekend Kayden came home, was also Girl's Choice.  Malia asked Malachi, and they had a blast.  The group did a progressive dinner and games (some involving pudding being dropped into your mouth!)  They had a lot of fun!

 The Boys


Here's the whole group when they got to my house.  They had the main dish here, and played the winking game... which resulted in lots and lots of laughing.... in fact, someone laughed their gum right out of their mouth, and onto my carpet!


Anaya had her dance performance at the Festival of Trees last week.  Here's a couple links for her dances.  She did a great job!


and just because it was in the same folder as the dance clips, here is my favorite choir song from Kayden's senior year.  This is the most beautiful song: